The Weavers, 2023

twigs, sticks, twine, raffia, rattan, fabric waste scraps, small found items and materials



We have been weavers for millennia. Like birds, we weave our homes, and our lives from the materials we find around us. Our nests are ephemeral, only existing for as long as they are tended until they return back to the earth, ready to be remade anew.

About the Artist


Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School is located on Dharug Country in western Sydney, NSW.

Teacher: Katherine Penny.

Students: Alexa Antivilo, Alexander Asha, Seth Ciregna, Sebastian Craus, Kiara Di Quattro, Bimansa Gamagedara, Kimia Khawarnia, Ju Eun Kim, Sena Kim, Hitomi Leung, Juna Martin, Harlow Murphy, Alexandra Spencer, Katie Stewart, Alisa Volkova, Marli Williams, Emmanuel X, Isaac Yakup, Vanessa Yang





Hi there, my name is Alexander Asha, and I am a student in year 10 at Northmead Creative and Performing Arts Highschool.

Based on the nests of Weaver birds, we have created rustic, woven hanging forms that incorporate discarded fabric scraps, raffia, and organic materials. As a class, we wove approximately 50 nests of various shapes and sizes.

Though we all used the same process to create our nests, they all became unique in their final shape and colouring, depending on which of us created them. We wanted this to represent the way in which we as humans weave our own sense of self, crafting our lives and coming together to form many different communities.

The nests can then be seen disintegrating back into the ground, returning to the earth as our memories are lost to ourselves and those around us.