In The Night Garden, 2023

clay and rope



In The Night Garden is a collection of 30 large ceramic bowls, and deals with themes of purity, innocence and the life cycle. The pieces are glazed with a variety of pastel colours and quality Japanese Tissue Transfers paper to emphasize the softness of human nature and fragility of life. Each bowl is carefully carved with unique organic patterns to complement the environment. In the Night Garden is a functional collection of works that aims to return to nature what nature gave to us. The bowls will be frequently replenished with fresh water for the local birds and wildlife to drink.

About the Artist


Amity College is located on Tharawal Country in western Sydney, NSW.

Teacher: Nadia Maljkovic

Students: Alesha Abbasi, Rehana Ali, Safiya Alnimer, Amal Asri, Maya Dhahir, Serene El Masri, Hajar El Safadi, Safiye Kocabicak, Serene Koussan, Romesa Rana, Frraj Zahara





Hi, my name is Rehana and I’m speaking on behalf of the Year 10 Ceramics students from Amity College’s Prestons campus. We are a group of Year 10 Ceramics students from Amity College coming together with a shared passion for art and a drive to explore the profound themes of memories, journeys, and transitions.

As part of the Rookwood HIDDEN exhibition, we proudly present our collaborative installation titled In the Night Garden. Our artwork comprises of 30 large ceramic bowls, each a unique embodiment of themes surrounding purity, innocence, and the ever-changing life cycle. Through a delicate ceramic technique of  hand-building we have crafted these bowls with care and precision. Adorned with pastel colors and embellished with Japanese Tissue Transfers paper, our intention was to evoke the softness and fragility of human nature.

The artistic process was an exciting journey for us as we meticulously carved organic patterns on lino then transferred it onto each bowl separately. The patterns, inspired by the natural environment of Rookwood Cemetery, infuse our work with a sense of harmony and connection to the surroundings. The cemetery's historical and cultural significance, along with its emphasis on memories and transitions, deeply resonated with us as an audience and as students, and played a pivotal role in shaping the concept of In the Night Garden.

Our installation aims to encourage viewers to engage with nature and wildlife, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty and vulnerability of life. As visitors interact with our ceramic bowls, we hope they will feel a sense of wonder, contemplation, and introspection. Through this artistic journey, we invite them to reflect on their own memories, journeys, and transitions, and to embrace the fleeting yet precious moments that shape our existence as humans.

As we participate in the Rookwood HIDDEN exhibition, we are humbled and extremely grateful to contribute to the collective expression of art and pay homage to the cemetery's significance. In the Night Garden serves as a testament to the power of creativity and its ability to capture the essence of life's fleeting moments. Our hope is that the viewers will leave with a renewed appreciation for the interconnectedness of life, the beauty of impermanence, and a sense of serenity that can be found amidst the shadows of the night garden. Thank you.